13 June 2012

Dining Chair Recover!

Here we are onto segment #3 of the furniture refurbish.

Check out segment the antique vanity and the desk to nightstands also!

I know I say this every time but this might be my FAVORITE!

*Dining Table*
 Just Kidding!
I was going to do the entire table and chairs in one post but I think I'm going to do them separately to avoid a picture overhaul! You can check out the table changes and the chair painting later.

For now you can see how to reupholster dining room chairs! 

We started with the seats of the chairs. I went to pick out some fabric, thinking I would get a neutral, not to WOW design. Then I fell in LOOOVE with this:

Holy dang - A little out of my comfort zone but I couldn't resist. 

Here is a really easy step by step for recovering chairs. 
This is for chairs with the removable pad. It simple unscrews from the bottom. 

As you can see there were a few other layers underneath. we chose to take off one layer but leave the other 3-4. It's completely up to you although I would recommend leaving some because if you take it all the way back to the pad it's harder to recover. The other layers holds the pad in place! 

Lay out the seat and cut your fabric to about 2-3 inches bigger than the seat. 

Start with the corners and pull the fabric over. Give it two good staples in each side. Do all 4 corners.

Pull the sides over, tucking any extra at the corners and staple about every 2 inches. Make sure it's very secure.

Cut off any extra fabric that may be getting in the way.

Check that out! You have reupholstered chairs!



  1. Where did you get that fabric? I love it!

    1. JoAnn's! Since I bought it I've seen the same print in a few different colors.

  2. This is so professional looking! Very impressed!

    1. Thanks! :) It's really fun and I was so surprised at how easy it was!


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