01 November 2012

{Color Run}

A few weeks ago my parents came to town to participate in the 2012 Salt Lake City Color Run!
This race is quite possibly the MOST FUN 5K ever! It's not timed so if you've never done a 5K and your not the fastest little racer then it's perfect for you!

 Before the run!


We had a blast together and got very colorful! Those colorful clothes were put into plastic bags and headed home. Mine sat on top of my washer for about 4 weeks! I know, I'm terrible!

So now my clothes are finally in the washer and I'm nervous to see if that color will come out! If not, I'll have some funky work out clothes! I'm mainly worried about [my favorite PUMA tennis shoes!] I let them sit for too long and not I'm worried about getting then clean again.

Have no fear! They came out clean and bright! The washer was my hero and I even used it for my shoes too!

The Color Run was tons of fun. I can't wait for them to come back to SLC so we can go again!

Hit up the Color Run in a town near you and get active!

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