23 December 2012

BYU Bowl Game - 2012

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WOW! The last 6 days of our lives have been absolutely crazy... fantastic but crazy!

On Sunday the 16th we hopped on a plane for sunny San Diego with the BYU football team. Let me tell you, the best way to fly is on a chartered jet. No safety briefing, full cans for beverages and a more relaxed flight!

We got to San Diego and went straight to the hotel for dinner and check in. It was so nice to be away from snowy Utah and get to see this view every day from our hotel room.

Mike took me on a walk on the bay front and we saw the beauty up close. Yes, it can have a copter land on it.

The next day was my birthday and you can read all about those festivities HERE! Check out the dolphins in that post - love them!

On to Tuesday where we had another busy day planned. It was raining that morning while the team was at practice some of the wives headed to the San Diego Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We had an amazing time! When we got outside it was pouring rain but of course we had to take a picture.

We went to the San Diego Zoo later that day and while it wasn't raining anymore, the animals were still pretty cold and tucked away.

We loved seeing the hippo, rhinos, and giraffes. They were some of the most active!

The Skyfari was fun but have to admit I get pretty nervous that high in the air!

One of the guys on the team was on the Skyfari when he dropped his phone. It landed on the pathway and he got it back but it was demolished!
The Zoo was so much fun! I would love to go back and spend all day. Our few hours were just not quite enough.

Tuesday night we met up with Mike's parents and they took us to an amazing dinner in downtown San Diego. They gave me an awesome birthday gift, a custom jewelry box with a pin that had 2 birds on it. I know: perfect for us here at Just2Birds.

So thoughtful! I love it.

They also gave us all of our Christmas gifts. Check out this spread!

Wednesday: Poinsettia Bowl Kick-off Luncheon on the USS Midway

This recently retired navel aircraft craft carrier served around the world for 47 years. It led us into Desert Storm and it was a honor to be aboard such a historic ship. 

We loved being on the flight deck and seeing all of these amazing jets!

Below deck we saw the brig, where they would hold criminals on board. The boys don't really fit on the beds. :)

Thursday finally came and we were ready to play some football! We headed to the stadium and got all the wives together.

I love these girls and I'm so glad that I had the chance to spend an amazing week with them! 

I love that Mike's parents were here with us and that two of my cousin's made it down. We all love Cougar football!

I love seeing Michael run out onto the field. He's my everything and the fact that he works so hard and puts his body through so much to provide for our family means so much to me. Our life would be so different without football but these experiences are things we'll never forget. 

When the Cougars came back in the 4th quarter some amazing fans marched these through the BYU sections. "Mayan world ends tomorrow, Aztec world ends today." Perfect!!

One of Mike's last play of this season. Great block babe!

After the game with my cousins and their crew. Thanks for making the drive down to sunny San Diego!

This week was a whirlwind vacation of more fun than I thought we could fit. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the BYU football program for allowing us to be apart of this. I couldn't have planned a better Christmas break!

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