30 December 2012

Envelope Templates - Free Download!

Forever and a day ago, back when this blog was just a little flower I posted The Envelope Theory. This post is all about Dave Ramsey's method of handling money. You budget what you want to spend in each category and then put the money in envelopes in the beginning of the month. This eliminates cards and allows you to really know where your money is going.

Back when Mike and I started this we were just using envelopes from the bank but I wanted to use something better and something that would allow me to customize without having "FOOD" written on the front so the whole world knows there is a ton of money in there.

I give you my envelopes:


They are simple and easy to put together but they give your envelopes a bit of personality!
Cute right? You can download the template here!

As a bonus, I decided to give you the envelopes without the writing on the front. This way you can use it as a really fun gift. I would love the get an envelope with money and I printed this one on vellum so you can get an even better look at the contents.


This download can be found HERE!

I love having these around. Anytime I need to drop something off or keep something safe it's a great option. I have some snowflake vellum that I used for a Christmas basket I put together-It was adorable!

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