21 February 2013

I guess I'm pretty violent! WATCH OUT!

Mike woke up yesterday morning and said that I was *hitting* him A TON in the middle of the night. Straight up punches to the face! Sorry babe! Like spring training isn't hard enough, he has to dodge his wife in his sleep.

Later, after my workout, I posted this:

Turns out that it was a good idea! You go AMANDA!!

As I'm about to leave for class I got this text:

I was so excited but he was KIDDING! WHAT? You can't play that trick on a tired girl!

This little gem has been my life saver! My poor little mouth is KILLING me! I still have my wisdom teeth and it's terrible because they are fighting through!

I'm so excited for my workout in March! Join me on instagram (@kelseyyeck) and do #6packmarch with me!

I hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday and get ready for a fun post because Mike and I are heading to BOISE!!! I can't wait to be home, even for a short trip!

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