01 August 2013

how things could have been

As I was driving to work today I suddenly thought about what would have happened if I had gone to school at the university in my hometown.

I would have had a great education.

I would have lived close to [home].

I would have stayed closer with friends.

I would have saved money.

I would probably be a lot closer to the girl I was when I left.

I wouldn't have Micheal and every great part of my life that he brings.

I wouldn't have our {friends} who make me a better person every day.

I wouldn't have the team and the love I now have for so many of them.

I wouldn't be ME, I wouldn't be the person I wanted to become.

3 years ago around this time I was packing my bags and heading to Utah to start my education. I had no idea what it would bring but with a smile on my face I walked into a world that I have learned to appreciate, learned to love. 
One decision truly changed my life forever. I decided to take a chance on a culture I wasn't so sure I would love. Coming to BYU was the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't think there is anyway I would be who I am if it wasn't for my time here.

Today I am a different person because of the decisions I made years ago. Everyday I am looking forward to the next chance I have to step back and appreciate the decision I made to make myself a better person.
Even when those decisions sneak up on me!


  1. I am very happy for your choices and the person you have become! I LOVE you!


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